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SMART [Data] Solutions

xScion SMART Data Solutions tackles the deep quantitative leg-work to identify, justify and optimize the volume, velocity and resulting value of enterprise transformations.

We solve our client’s complex challenges by integrating enterprise data assets into cross-functional data services that provide the infrastructure to implement best practice cloud applications, big data, BI and analytics programs that can drive real, value-added transformations and extraordinary results.

Our transformative solutions and services combine core technical capabilities and senior-level resources with our large complex data integration experience, contemporary BI/Big Data analytics expertise and deep industry qualifications to optimize the return on data.  We’re vendor neutral—which produces influence-free insights that can drive the bold steps to reinvent operating cost structures, positions in market and relationships with customers.

We deliver SMART Data Solutions in three phases:

Data Strategy & Governance[Data Utilization]

Tapping all the enterprise data there is to tap, even the seemingly untappable.

xScion does the dirty work under the hood of your enterprise and legacy data assets to further integrate them, correlate them and utilize them for upstream business intelligence and analysis, including:

  • Organizing massive historical data storage and query management
  • Designing high speed data analysis and simulations
  • Managing data transformation and delivery
  • Implementing controls and best practices that support objectives
BI & Big Data[Data Agility]

The greater data availability grows, the greater the insights it can produce, the greater the acceleration in Time-to-Value it provides strategic initiatives.

xScion makes sense of the maze of BI and Big Data frameworks, platforms, packages and options, to deliver the right solution to your business objectives and the on-the ground realities of your data effort and IT model, including:

  • Consolidating data assets
  • Instituting cloud Platform-as-a-Service offerings
  • Extending secures self-service data access
  • Rapidly developing and implementing data exchange APIs
Data Analytics/Science[Data Insights]

Implementing advanced scoring models, probability mapping and predictive analytics to factually forecast and measure operational/customer impacts.

xScion brings the senior data science talent and data utilization expertise to produce the insights necessary to effectively analyze, justify, validate and measure tactical and strategic impacts on the business, including:

  • Discovering, contextualizing and sharing data insights
  • Developing and deploying agile data visualizations
  • Designing real-time dashboards and reporting
  • Standardizing shared enterprise datasets
  • Implementing advanced machine learning techniques

Why our approach to data-intensive solution and opportunity discovery is superior to other Big Data/BI options:

Strategy Characteristics vs. Big Data Providers

Product Affiliation

IndependentUnbiased & Untethered

ConjoinedIT node focused

Solution Customization

TailoredWe tailor expertise to your industry and Use Cases

Per AvailabilityCookie cutter treatment

Solution Focus

Your RequirementsHolistic

Their RequirementsData Lake needed


Bonnie Rishell EVP of Data Solutions

“In order to effectively compete in a world where change is more frequent, and its impact more significant, organizations must draw a clear line of sight between strategic goals and tactical execution.”