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SMART [Delivery] Solutions

xScion SMART Delivery Solutions provides technical resources, project management and cloud/hybrid technology solution models to incrementally deliver the change necessary to empower new realities.

We’re fluid in our approach—adapting project methodologies, the subject matter expertise of our teams and technologies according to the targeted outcome being pursued.  No hard and fast rules and no product sales quotas get in the way of us solely and completely thinking about and executing, towards your optimal return on investment capital, time, resources and overall opportunity cost.

Our delivery solutions combine practical experience and deep technology qualifications and aim to elevate enterprise capabilities through targeted infrastructure and operational transformation—all to provide the necessary agility and stability in IT and data foundations to achieve new “operationally-born”, strategy-impacting breakthroughs.

We focus our SMART Delivery Solutions according to four objectives:

Business Transformation[Strategic Efficiencies]

Take a magnifying glass to business processes in order to improve completion times, reduce investment and increase service transparency.

xScion brings years of large scale technical modernization and transformation experience to our clients to help implement more strategic approaches to evaluating and improving operational efficiencies, including:

  • Business process redesign and optimization
  • Data infrastructure analysis and planning
  • Business intelligence reporting and data manipulation
  • Real-time ad-hoc analytics and visualizations
  • Best practice design and change management
Tailored Application Development[Optimal Delivery]

From pilot projects, new offerings, to complete enterprise solutions, as long as it provides maximum enterprise value.

xScion adapts the methods, the resources and the tools to the project at hand, so that technology outcomes repeatedly match or exceed strategic expectations and investment objectives, including:

  • Implementing agile development methods for rapid delivery needs
  • Accommodating even full waterfall development to match client processes
  • Designing optimal solution phasing based on current realities
  • Instituting consistent quality assurance that drive increased system reliability, reduced maintenance costs and shortened lifecycle development times
Innovative IT Governance[Stability & Agility]

Applying industry best practices to get functional groups to work in a uniform manner in delivering value to customers and stakeholders.

xScion designs and implements IT governance models with pragmatic realism but always with a goal towards intelligently infusing innovation to produce more effective, more modern foundations, including:

  • Designing and deploying real-world-effective PMOs
  • Implementing and training enterprise-wide ITSM frameworks including Agile, Scrum, ITIL and PMBOK
  • Increasing the proactivity of change management models
  • Coordinating and integrating release management
Health Care IT[Compliance & Performance]

Keeping your Health Care technology infrastructure compliant and agile to comply with new regulations, while minimizing disruption, assuring privacy protections and maximizing productivity.

xScion specializes in the complexities of today’s accountable Health Care models that constantly move the balance between maintaining operational stability and compliance, with the ability to leverage technology investments for strategic gain.  We specifically provide our Health Care clients:

  • Payer Processing Modernization – to optimize claims platforms and auto-adjudication rates
  • Mandate & Compliance Response – system changes to ensure yearly compliance in quality reporting, Federal & State legislative changes
  • Federal Program Management – for Medicare and Medicaid payer and provider health information delivery
  • Provider Systems Integration– to Provider business and IT processes and applications
  • ACO, HIPPA, P4P Meaningful Use reporting and system compliance
  • Legacy Health Ccare application support and transformation

Why we surpass other options for large enterprise solution delivery:

Delivery Characteristics vs. Big Solution Providers

Engagement Model

IncrementalTargeted, phased delivery based on provable ROI

TotalFocus everything towards the 10,000-foot goal

Solution Methodology

AdaptiveAccommodating preferences, realities and existing practices

RigidAdhere to their base methodology and project approach


Dynamic/Ad HocWe run at your pace and proactively lead where appropriate

Structured/ChanneledMore process, more overhead to getting to results


Mason Chaudhry Principal

“As your consulting partner, our objective is to tackle your complex business challenges while ensuring a minimum amount of business disruption and maximum measurable ROI”