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SMART [Strategy] Solutions

xScion SMART Strategy Solutions enable organizations to define where they want to go, determine how they will get there and measure their achievements.

Our objective is to develop a clear line-of-sight to enterprise goals while accounting for known and unknown challenges and realities in their execution across the business. No pontificating or steering towards solution sets—we focus on clearly articulating visions, developing realistically-attainable roadmaps and defining measurable success metrics for incrementally realizing organizational transformation and modernization goals without failures.

We deliver our SMART Strategy Solutions in three phases:

Assess[Current State]

To know where you are going, you need to start with an accurate picture of where you are set against clear mission and vision statements.

xScion brings the senior strategy talent, vertical expertise, technology experience and Big Data acumen to develop multi-dimensional and pragmatic assessments of current realities, infrastructure/capability gaps and operational interdependencies, including:

  • Defining enterprise mission, future vision and guiding principles
  • Assessing current realities of core capabilities and operational gaps
  • Determining organizational readiness for change and associated risks
  • Providing clearly defined and measurable roadmaps for achieving executive missions through tactical delivery of value to programs
  • Identifying critical success factors to execution of priorities
Prioritize[Future State]

To overcome the inertia inherent in strategic transformations, you need a comprehensive, data-intensive, agile approach to prioritizing initiatives.

xScion works with project stakeholders to evaluate customer and operational impacts, accurately gauge implementation effort and quantify potential ROI scenarios to increase the probability of successful outcomes that can move the needle, including:

  • Implementing “Value Rankings” to project scoring initiatives
  • Developing detailed action plans and business cases
  • Justifying and securing executive approval and transition to implementation
  • Achieving alignment and buy-in across the business with project value creation
Achieve[State Excellence]

To achieve the benefit, you must sustain the benefit and to sustain it you must excel in implementing it, managing it and continuously improving it.

xScion keeps excellence front-of-mind when matching team, optimizing resources, maintaining clear project accountability and continually monitoring internal and external conditions and indicators, including:

  • Executing with a goal towards excellence vs completion
  • Assuring resource readiness
  • Assembling aligned teams and assigning accountability
  • Monitoring, evaluating and implementing effective project/process controls
  • Measuring effectiveness according to operational efficiencies, competitive posture and project execution goals

Why we are optimally positioned to be your ongoing partner in strategic transformation:

Strategy Characteristics vs. Management Consulting

Vendor Agility

NimbleShort, targeted, ROI producing engagements

Expansive Analysis paralysis

Solution Focus

PragmaticFocus on the reality

Futuristic Focus on the fantasy

Project Approach

Flexible & CollaborativeWe dive right in

Procedural & StructuredStarts with planning how to plan and manage the entire scope


Vikas Arya Principal

“In order to effectively compete in a world where change is more frequent and its impact more significant, organizations must draw a clear line of sight between strategic goals and tactical execution.”